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Our Story

"DumYum Biryani" is the brain child of Siddarth Kanchustambam, a 16 year old boy of Chandigarh.He was born to a Hyderabadi doctor couple in London on 5th September 1999. Though he travelled different countries in early childhood, his formative years were spent in Hyderabad, the land of Biryani. A foodie himself, Siddarth had a hobby of setting up food stalls in his community and school for gatherings on special occasions. His love for his grandmother's biryani coupled with the passion for cooking gave shape to DumYum Biryani during the Diwali break of 2015. Soon, the 11th grade student of St.John's School Chandigarh, started delivering fresh hyderabadi biryani made in the kitchen of their Mohali home to his friends and acquaintances. With the help and encouragement of his family, he handled end to end operations, from taking telephonic orders to cooking and delivering at the door, single handed for six months. As the word of mouth spread, the number of orders increased gradually and the hobby soon turned into a business. He quickly learned the tricks of the trade and took the venture to the next level by the time he completed his high school education. At his food joint in Sector 27C, he served an extended menu with a Hyderabadi flavour. "A lot of effort goes in to choosing finest quality basmati rice, spices and condiments. Each ingredient is meticulously measured upto grams, and cooking process is standardized to maintain consistency in quality. Biryani has been the soul of Dum yum; And will always be" says the starry eyed curly haired young man who finished his bachelor's degree in business administration at SD college, Chandigarh. He looks forward to taking biryani to the homes all over the world.