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General Terms and Conditions Customers

These 'General Terms and Conditions Customers' apply to the relationship between Dumyum and the Customers. We refer restaurants to the 'General Terms and Conditions Restaurants'.

1. Definitions

Offer: the product and service offer of the Restaurant that can be ordered by the Customer via the Platform at the Restaurant.

Order:an order from the Customer via the Platform at the Restaurant of the Offer selected by the Customer.

Customer :a natural person or legal entity who places an Order via the Platform.

Agreement : an agreement between the Customer and the Restaurant with respect to an Order and the delivery or collection of the Order.

Platform : the website (s), apps, tools and other devices of Dumyum and its affiliates and business partners on which the Service is made available.

Restaurant : a company that prepares and sells meals, drinks and related items and uses the Platform for the establishment and payment of Agreements.

Restaurant information:Restaurant information relating to, among other things, business and contact details, general information, product range (meals, side dishes, options and beverages), prices for each individual product (including VAT), company logo, graphic material, delivery area ( including postal codes), delivery costs and minimum order amounts.

Service:the commercial services and / or activities offered by Dumyum to the Customer, including the publication of the Offer, the facilitation of the conclusion of Agreements and the forwarding of Orders to the relevant Restaurant.

Dumyum: Dumyum European Operations BV acting for itself and on behalf of any legal person or person who, directly or indirectly, controls, is controlled by or under the joint control of Dumyum Group BV

2. Applicability

1. These General Terms and Conditions of Customers are only applicable to the Service. Dumyum is not responsible for the Offer. The General Terms and Conditions of the Restaurant also apply to the Offer, if applicable.
2. By placing an Order, the Customer immediately enters into an Agreement with the Restaurant for the delivery of the Offer selected by the Customer. The Customer is bound by the Order and is not entitled to a refund, except in the case of cancellation by the restaurant under Article 6 below.

3. The Offer

1. Dumyum publishes the Offer on behalf of the Restaurants on the Platform, in accordance with the Restaurant Information provided by the Restaurants. Dumyum accepts no responsibility or liability for the content of the Offer and the Restaurant Information on the Platform. The restaurant can use ingredients and additives for meals and drinks, which can cause allergies and intolerances. If a Customer is allergic to certain foods, we recommend contacting the restaurant by telephone for current allergen information before the order is placed.
2. Dumyum displays all Restaurant information in such a way that it is clear to the Client what its rights and obligations are to the acceptance of the Offer.
3. Dumyum accepts no liability for the accessibility of the Platform.

4. The Agreement

1. The Agreement is concluded at the moment that the Customer makes the Order final by clicking the 'Buy now' button during the process of placing an Order via the Platform.
2. Upon receipt of the Order, Dumyum will electronically confirm the Order to the Customer.
3. The Agreement can only be executed by the Restaurant if the Customer provides correct and complete contact and address details when placing the Order. The Customer has the duty to report inaccuracies in provided or stated payment details to Dumyum or the Restaurant without delay.
4. In connection with information about the status of his Order, after placing the Order, the Customer must be available by telephone or by e-mail (as indicated when placing the Order) for both the Restaurant and Dumyum.
5. If the Customer chooses for delivery of the Order, he must be present at the delivery address indicated by the Customer to receive the Order.
6. If the Customer chooses to pick up the Order, he must be present at the pick-up location of the Restaurant at the chosen time, which is shown in the confirmation email, text message or on the website of Dumyum.
7. Upon delivery of the Order, the Restaurant may request identification if the Order contains alcoholic products or other products with an age limit. If the Customer can not adequately identify himself or does not meet the minimum age requirements, the Restaurant will refuse to deliver the products to the customer. In this case cancellation fees can be charged
8. Dumyum accepts no liability in connection with the implementation of the Agreement.

5. Termination of the Agreement and cancellation of the Order

1. In connection with the perishability of the Offer, the Customer is not entitled to terminate the Agreement. Orders can not be canceled by the Customer at Dumyum. Cancellation of the Order by the Customer at the Restaurant is only possible if the Restaurant explicitly states that Cancellation of the Order by the Customer is possible.
2. The Restaurant has the right to cancel the Order if, for example, the Offer is no longer available, the Customer has provided an incorrect or unreachable telephone number, other contact details or in case of force majeure.
3. If the Customer places a false Order (for example by giving incorrect contact details, not paying or by not being present at the delivery location or pick-up location in order to receive the Order) or otherwise complying with the obligations arising from the Agreement , Dumyum may decide to refuse future Orders from the relevant Customer.
4. Dumyum has the right to refuse on behalf of the Restaurant Orders and to cancel Agreements if there is reasonable doubt about the correctness or authenticity of the Order or the contact details. If Dumyum cancels an Order that has already been paid, Dumyum will transfer that amount to the same account from which the payment has been made. If the Customer places seemingly false or fraudulent Orders, Dumyum can report this to the police.

6. Payment

1. At the moment the Agreement is concluded in accordance with article 5.1 of these General Terms and Conditions Customers, the Customer is obliged to pay the Restaurant for the Order. This payment obligation can be met by the Customer by paying with an online payment method via the Platform or by payment to the Restaurant at the door or at the pick-up location.
2. Subject to the provisions of article 6.4, of these General Terms and Conditions Customers, the (partial) reversal of an online payment is only possible if the Order can not be (completely) delivered. The chargeback always takes place on the same account as the payment of which has taken place.
3. The Restaurant has authorized Dumyum to receive the online payment from the Customer on behalf of the Restaurant.